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HP System Board - SP# 441449-001 AS# 441418-001

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HP System Board - SP# 441449-001 AS# 441418-001 ( failed to pass Quality Control Test ).

System Board (motherboard) - Supports Intel processor, Intel X38 express chipset, 1333MHz Front Side Bus (Bearlake-X).

Specification Table

Part / Feature Specification / Support
Socket: LGA 775
Pentium Dual-Core E2XXX
Core 2 Quad Q6XXX Q8XXX Q9XXX
Core 2 Extreme QX6XXX QX9XXX
Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® Processor E31XX E32XX
FSB 1333MHz
Chipset Intel X38
Four 240-pin DDR2 DIMM sockets
Supports 1066, 800, 667 MHz DDR2 DIMMs
non-ECC or ECC memory
Max to 8G 800Mhz ECC, 4G 667Mhz ECC
Form factor ATX
RAID RAID (0、1、5、10)
Expansion slots
Three PCI
Two PCI Express x16 2.0
One PCI Express x8
One PCI Express x1
Onboard audio ALC262
Onboard LAN 1000M Broadcom 5755 Netxtreme
USB 2.0*7

Part number 441449-001 is used in the product models listed below:
Product Model
HP xw6600 Workstation AP559US
HP xw4600 Workstation AP586USAP305USAP305USRAP306US
HP xw6600 Workstation AP312USAP390US
HP xw4600 Workstation AP391USAP409USAP419USAP449US
HP xw6600 Workstation AP479USAP480USAP490US
HP xw6600 Workstation AQ574USAQ580US
HP xw4600 Workstation AQ630USAQ630USRAQ632US
HP xw6600 Workstation AQ973US
HP xw4600 Workstation AQ974US
HP xw6600 Workstation AQ975USAQ976US
HP xw4600 Workstation AR018USAQ668USAQ757USAQ796USAQ799USAQ799USR
HP xw6600 Workstation AQ802US
HP xw4600 Workstation AQ837US
HP xw6600 Workstation AQ852US
HP xw4600 Workstation AQ856US
HP xw6600 Workstation AQ863US
HP xw4600 Workstation AQ880USAQ881US
HP xw6600 Workstation AQ919US
HP xw4600 Workstation AP605USAP605USR
HP xw6600 Workstation AP635USAP658USAP659US
HP xw4600 Workstation AP667USAP915USAP919USAP920USAP927USAP941USAP990USAQ002USAQ014USAQ014USR
HP xw6600 Workstation AQ064US
HP xw4600 Workstation AQ071USAQ076US
HP xw6600 Workstation AQ093USAQ105US
HP xw4600 Workstation AQ128USAQ132USAQ133US
HP xw6600 Workstation AQ149USAQ154US
HP xw4600 Workstation AQ161US
HP xw6600 Workstation AQ163US
HP xw4600 Workstation AQ185USAQ186US
HP xw6600 Workstation AQ210USAQ212US
HP xw4600 Workstation AQ388USAQ389USAQ407USAQ419USAQ453USAQ467USAQ477USAQ478USAQ479USAQ499US
HP xw6600 Workstation AQ535USAS078USAS079US
HP xw4600 Workstation AR050US
HP xw6600 Workstation AR196US
HP xw4600 Workstation AR210US
HP xw6600 Workstation AR238US
HP xw4600 Workstation AR247USAR383USAR645USAR647USAR669US
HP xw6600 Workstation AR739USAR776US
HP xw4600 Workstation AR777US
HP xw6600 Workstation AR868US
HP xw4600 Workstation AS728USAS738US
HP xw6600 Workstation AS795US
HP xw4600 Workstation AS801USAT245US
HP xw6600 Workstation AT246USAT277US
HP xw4600 Workstation AT293USAS832US
HP xw6600 Workstation AS844US
HP xw4600 Workstation AS873USAS898USAS899USAS942US
HP xw6600 Workstation AS947US
HP xw4600 Workstation AS953UPAT170USAT172USAT182USAT189US
HP xw6600 Workstation AT203US
HP xw4600 Workstation AT215USAT215USRAT241US
HP xw6600 Workstation AS128US
HP xw4600 Workstation AS139USAS158USAS169US
HP xw6600 Workstation AS215US
HP xw4600 Workstation AS218USAS251USAS354US
HP xw6600 Workstation AS381USAS382USAS383USAS384US
HP xw4600 Workstation AS390USAS435USAS436US

  • Model: 441449-001
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs
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  • Manufactured by: HP

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