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HP System Board - SP# 438249-001 AS# 436645-001

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HP System Board - SP# 438249-001 AS# 436645-001 PROLIANT BL460C supports QUAD CORE ( failed to pass Quality Control Test ).

Motherboard (system board) - Supports Quad-core processor

Part number 438249-001 is used in the product models listed below:

Product Model
HP ProLiant BL460c Server (404663-xxx) 404663-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c G1 5063 2G 1P Svr 404664-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c G1 5063 2G Rmkt Svr 404664R-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c Base Model Server 404667-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c G1 CTO Rmkt Chassis 404667R-B21
Intel Xeon 5050 BL460c Processor 409597-B21
HP X5050 BL460c G1 FIO Kit 409597-L21
HP X5050 BL460c G1 Rmkt Kit 409597R-B21409597R-L21
Intel Xeon 5063 BL460c Processor 409598-B21
HP X5063 BL460c G1 FIO Kit 409598-L21
HP X5063 BL460c G1 Rmkt Kit 409598R-B21409598R-L21
Intel Xeon 5060 BL460c Processor 409599-B21
HP X5060 BL460c G1 Rmkt Kit 409599R-B21
Intel Xeon 5080 BL460c Processor 409600-B21
HP X5080 BL460c G1 Rmkt Kit 409600R-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c E5310 1.6GHz Quad Core 2GB Blad 435456-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c E5310 1G 1P Rmkt Svr 435456R-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c E5320 1.86GHz Quad Core 2GB Bla 435457-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c E5320 2G 1P Rmkt Svr 435457R-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c E5345 2.33GHz Quad Core 2GB Bla 435458-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c G1 E5345 2G Rmkt Svr 435458R-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c X5355 2GB Blade Server 435459-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c X5355 2G 1P Rmkt Svr 435459R-B21
Intel Xeon E5320 1.86GHz Quad Core 8MB BL460c Proc 435563-B21
HP E5320 BL460c Rmkt Kit 435563R-B21
Intel Xeon Processor E5345 BL460c Option Kit 435564-B21
HP E5345 BL460c FIO Kit 435564-L21
HP E5345 BL460c Rmkt Kit 435564R-B21
HP E5345 BL460c FIO Rmkt Kit 435564R-L21
Intel Xeon Processor X5355 BL460c Option Kit 435565-B21
HP X5355 BL460c FIO Kit 435565-L21
HP X5355 BL460C Rmkt Kit 435565R-B21
HP X5355 BL460c FIO Rmkt Kit 435565R-L21
HP ProLiant BL460c L5320 2GB Blade Server 443751-B21
HP BL460c G1 L5320 2G 1P Rmkt Svr 443751R-B21
Intel Xeon Processor L5320 BL460c Option Kit 443752-B21
HP L5320 BL460c Rmkt Kit 443752R-B21
Intel Xeon Processor E5335 BL460c Option Kit 443753-B21
HP E5335 BL460c FIO Kit 443753-L21
HP E5335 BL460c Rmkt Kit 443753R-B21
HP E5335 BL460c FIO Rmkt Kit 443753R-L21
HP ProLiant BL460c Server (416653-xxx) 416653-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c G1 5110 1G Rmkt Svr 416653R-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c Server (416654-xxx) 416654-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c G1 5140 2G Rmkt Svr 416654R-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c Server (416655-xxx) 416655-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c G1 5150 2G Rmkt Svr 416655R-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c Server (416656-xxx) 416656-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c G1 5160 2G Rmkt Svr 416656R-B21
Intel Xeon 5110 BL460c Processor 416657-B21
HP X5110 BL460c G1 FIO Kit 416657-L21
HP X5110 BL460c G1 Rmkt Kit 416657R-B21416657R-L21
Intel Xeon 5140 BL460c Processor 416658-B21
HP X5140 BL460c G1 FIO Kit 416658-L21
HP X5140 BL460c G1 Rmkt Kit 416658R-B21416658R-L21
Intel Xeon 5150 BL460c Processor 416659-B21
HP X5150 BL460c G1 FIO Kit 416659-L21
HP X5150 BL460c G1 Rmkt Kit 416659R-B21416659R-L21
Intel Xeon 5160 BL460c Processor 416660-B21
HP X5160 BL460c G1 FIO Kit 416660-L21
HP X5160 BL460c G1 Rmkt Kit 416660R-B21416660R-L21
HP X5120 BL460c G1 Kit 419734-B21
HP X5120 BL460c G1 Rmkt Kit 419734R-B21
HP X5130 BL460c G1 Kit 419735-B21
HP X5130 BL460c G1 Rmkt Kit 419735R-B21
Intel Xeon 5148 LV BL460c G1 Processor 419736-B21
HP X5148 LV BL460c G1 FIO Kit 419736-L21
HP X5148 LV BL460c G1 Rmkt Kit 419736R-B21
HP X5148 LV BL460c G1 FIO Rmkt Kit 419736R-L21
HP ProLiant BL460c Server (432636-xxx) 432636-B21
HP BL460c G1 5148 LV 2G 1P Rmkt Svr 432636R-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c E5450 3.0GHz Quad Core 2GB Blad 459483-B21
HP BL460c G1 E5450 2G 1P Rmkt Svr 459483R-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c E5440 2.83GHz Quad Core 2GB Bla 459484-B21
HP BL460c G1 E5440 2G 1P Rmkt Svr 459484R-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c E5430 2.66GHz Quad Core 2GB Bla 459485-B21
HP BL460c G1 E5430 2G 1P Rmkt Svr 459485R-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c E5420 2.50GHz Quad Core 2GB Bla 459486-B21
HP BL460c G1 E5420 2G 1P Rmkt Svr 459486R-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c E5405 2.0GHz Quad Core 1GB Blad 459487-B21
HP BL460c G1 E5405 1G 1P Rmkt Svr 459487R-B21
Intel Xeon E5450 3.0GHz Quad Core 12MB BL460c Proc 459489-B21
HP E5450 BL460c G1 Rmkt Kit 459489R-B21
Intel Xeon E5440 2.83GHz Quad Core 12MB BL460c Pro 459490-B21
HP E5440 BL460c G1 Rmkt Kit 459490R-B21
Intel Xeon E5430 2.66GHz Quad Core 12MB BL460c Pro 459491-B21
HP E5430 BL460c G1 Rmkt Kit 459491R-B21
Intel Xeon E5420 2.50GHz Quad Core 12MB BL460c Pro 459492-B21
HP E5420 BL460c G1 Rmkt Kit 459492R-B21
Intel Xeon E5410 2.33GHz Quad Core 12MB BL460c Pro 459493-B21
HP E5410 BL460c G1 Rmkt Kit 459493R-B21
Intel Xeon E5405 2.0GHz Quad Core 12MB BL460c Proc 459494-B21
HP E5405 BL460c G1 Rmkt Kit 459494R-B21
Intel Xeon X5460 3.16GHz Quad Core 12MB BL460c Pro 459973-B21
HP X5460 BL460c G1 Rmkt Kit 459973R-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c Special Blade Server 461271-001461273-001
HP ProLiant BL460c X5260 3.3GHz Dual Core 2GB Blad 461603-B21
HP BL460c G1 X5260 2G 1P Svr 461603R-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c L5240 3.0GHz Dual Core 2GB Blad 461604-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c E5205 1.86GHz Dual Core 1GB Bla 461605-B21
HP BL460c G1 E5205 1G 1P Svr 461605R-B21
Intel Xeon X5260 3.33GHz Dual Core 6MB BL460c Proc 461623-B21
HP X5260 BL460c G1 FIO Kit 461623-L21
HP X5260 BL460c G1 Rmkt Kit 461623R-B21
HP X5260 BL460c G1 FIO Rmkt Kit 461623R-L21
Intel Xeon L5240 3.0GHz Dual Core 6MB BL460c Proce 461624-B21
HP L5240 BL460c G1 FIO Kit 461624-L21
Intel Xeon E5205 1.86GHz Dual Core 6MB BL460c Proc 461625-B21
HP E5205 BL460c G1 Rmkt Kit 461625R-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c L5420 2.5GHz Quad Core 2GB Blad 462872-B21
HP BL460c G1 L5420 2G 1P Rmkt Svr 462872R-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c L5410 2.33GHz Quad Core 2GB Bla 462873-B21
HP BL460c G1 L5410 2G 1P Rmkt Svr 462873R-B21
Intel Xeon L5420 2.5GHz Quad Core 12MB BL460c Proc 462876-B21
HP L5420 BL460c G1 Rmkt Kit 462876R-B21
Intel Xeon L5410 2.33GHz Quad Core 12MB BL460c Pro 462877-B21
HP L5410 BL460c G1 Rmkt Kit 462877R-B21
Intel Xeon X5450 3.0GHz Quad Core 12MB BL460c Proc 463056-B21
HP X5450 BL460c G1 Rmkt Kit 463056R-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c Driveless Configure-to-order Bl 447707-B21
HP BL460c G1 Dvlss CTO Rmkt Blade 447707R-B21
HP HDD Bkpln BL460c FIO Kit 447711-B21
HP HDD Bkpln BL460c Rmkt Kit 447711R-B21
Intel Xeon X5365 3.0GHz Quad Core 8MB BL460c Proce 453190-B21
HP X5365 BL460c G1 FIO Kit 453190-L21
HP X5365 BL460c G1 Rmkt Kit 453190R-B21
HP X5365 BL460c G1 Rmkt Kit 453190R-L21
HP ProLiant BL460c X5365 3.0GHz Quad Core 2GB Blad 453330-B21
HP BL460c G1 X5365 2G 1P Rmkt Svr 453330R-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c L5335 2GB Blade Server 453608-B21
HP BL460c G1 L5335 2G 1P Rmkt Svr 453608R-B21
Intel Xeon X5470 3.33GHz Quad Core 12MB BL460c Pro 492308-B21
HP X5470 BL460c G1 FIO Kit 492308-L21
Intel Xeon X5270 3.50GHz Dual Core 6MB BL460c Proc 492309-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c G5 L5430 2.66GHz Quad Core 2GB 492310-B21
HP L5430 BL460c G5 Kit 493764-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c Special Blade Server 501679-001
HP ProLiant BL460c G5 E5450 3.0GHz Quad Core 2GB L 501713-B21
HP ProLiant BL460c Special Blade Server 470064-956485475-001
McAfee BL460c G1 Management Blade 487584-B21

  • Model: 438249-001
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs
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  • Manufactured by: HP

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