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HP system board AS # 699340-001 SP# 700239-001 IPXSB-DM (NEW)

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HP (Compaq) motherboard that Part Number 699340-001 is used in following systems:

Compaq CQ2950LA Desktop PC,Compaq CQ2951LA Desktop PC,Compaq CQ2954LA Desktop PC,HP p2-1394 Desktop PC

Motherboard description

Manufacturer name: Pegatron

Motherboard name: IPXSB-DM

HP/Compaq name: Cork2

Form Factor: Mini-ITX : 17 cm (6.7 inches) x 19 cm (7.5 inches)

Chipset: Intel H61

Processor upgrade information:

Socket type: LGA 1155

TDP: 35W (Only 35W CPUs are supported with this motherboard)

Motherboard supports the following processor upgrades:


Intel Core i3-32xxT (Ivy Bridge) Dual Core

Intel Core i5-34xxT (Ivy Bridge) Dual Core

Intel Pentium G21xxT (Ivy Bridge)

Intel Core i3-21xx (Sandy Bridge) Dual Core

Intel Core i3-21xxT (Sandy Bridge) Dual Core

Intel Core i5-23xx (Sandy Bridge) Dual Core

Intel Pentium G4xx (Sandy Bridge) Single Core

Intel Pentium G5xxT(Sandy Bridge) Dual Core

Intel Pentium G6xx (Sandy Bridge) Single Core

Intel Pentium G6xxT (Sandy Bridge) Dual Core

Memory upgrade information:

Dual channel memory architecture

Two 240-pin DDR3 UDIMM sockets

Supports DDR3 UDIMMs

PC3 8500 (1066 MHz)

PC3 10600 (1333 MHz)

PC3 12800 (1600 MHz with Ivy Bridge processors)

Non-ECC memory only, unbuffered

Supports up to 4 GB on 32-bit* systems

Supports up to 16 GB on 64-bit systems (with 8 GB UDIMMs)

NOTE:32-bit systems cannot address a full 4.0 GB of memory.


Intel PCH Integrated Graphics

*Integrated video is not available if a graphics card is installed.

Integrated graphics provided by processor installed in the system

VGA connector on back I/O

DVI connector at back I/O


Integrated Realtek ALC662 Audio

*Integrated audio is not available if a sound card is installed.

6 channel audio

Realtek ALC662 CODEC

Network: LAN: 10-Base-T

Technology: Atheros AR8152 Ethernet controller

Data transfer speeds: up to 10/100 Mb/s

Transmission standards: 10-Base-T Ethernet

I/O Ports and internal connectors:

Back I/O ports

1 - DC power

2 - DVI-D port

3 - VGA port

4 - LAN

5 - USB 2.0: 4

6 - Audio: Line in

7 - Audio: Line out

8 - Audio: Microphone

Internal Connectors:

1x CPU fan

1x System fan


2x SATA power

2x USB 2.0

1x Front panel audio

1x ROM recovery

1x Front panel

Jumper Settings

CAUTION: Do not change any jumper setting while the computer is on. Damage to the motherboard can result.

Clearing the CMOS settings

This motherboard has a jumper to clear the Real Time Clock (RTC) RAM in CMOS.

Turn OFF the computer and unplug the power cord.

Move the jumper to from pins 6-4 (default) to pins 4-2 for 5 to 10 seconds, then move the jumper back to default.

Plug in the power cord and turn ON the computer.

During the start-up process, enter BIOS setup to re-enter user settings.

Clearing the PASSWORD settings

The BIOS password is used to protect BIOS settings from unwanted changes.

To erase the BIOS password follow these steps:

Turn OFF the computer.

Move the jumper to Clear from pins 5-3 (default) to pins 3-1.

Turn ON the computer to POST screen.

Turn OFF the computer.

Move the jumper back to default.

Enter BIOS setup to verify or configure new settings.

HP (Compaq) Motherboard that Part Number 699340-001 is used in following systems:

Compaq CQ2722LA Desktop PC
Compaq CQ2732LA Desktop PC
Compaq CQ2800EE PC ARAB
Compaq CQ2800EEm Bndl PC ARAB
Compaq CQ2800EF PC FR
Compaq CQ2800EFm Bndl PC FR
Compaq CQ2800EG PC GR
Compaq CQ2800EGm Bndl PC GR
Compaq CQ2800EK PC NWAFR
Compaq CQ2800EKm Bndl PC NWAFR
Compaq CQ2800EL PC ITL
Compaq CQ2800ER PC RUSS
Compaq CQ2800EV PC GRK
Compaq CQ2801EK PC NWAFR
Compaq CQ2801EKm Bndl PC NWAFR
Compaq CQ2801ER PC RUSS
Compaq CQ2801ERm Bndl PC RUSS
Compaq CQ2801ES PC SP
Compaq CQ2801ESm Bndl PC SP
Compaq CQ2801EU PC ADR
Compaq CQ2801EV PC GRK
Compaq CQ2801EVm Bndl PC GRK
Compaq CQ2801FS PC SCC
Compaq CQ2802EK PC NWAFR
Compaq CQ2802EKm Bndl PC NWAFR
Compaq CQ2802ES PC SP
Compaq CQ2803ED PC NL
Compaq CQ2803EDm Bndl PC NL
Compaq CQ2803EK PC NWAFR
Compaq CQ2803EKm Bndl PC NWAFR
Compaq CQ2803EP PC PORT
Compaq CQ2803ES PC SP
Compaq CQ2803ESm Bndl PC SP
Compaq CQ2803EU PC ADR
Compaq CQ2803EUm Bndl PC ADR
Compaq CQ2803FS PC SCC
Compaq CQ2803FSm Bndl PC SCC
Compaq CQ2804EB PC BEL/FD
Compaq CQ2804ES PC SP
Compaq CQ2805ES PC SP
Compaq CQ2805ESm Bndl PC SP
Compaq CQ2806EG PC GR
Compaq CQ2810EO PC NRL
Compaq CQ2813EF PC FR
Compaq CQ2813EFm Bndl PC FR
Compaq CQ2815EA PC UK
Compaq CQ2815EO PC NRL
Compaq CQ2820EG PC GR
Compaq CQ2825EG PC GR
Compaq CQ2830EOm Bndl PC NRL
Compaq CQ2840EA PC UK
Compaq CQ2845EF PC FR
Compaq CQ2848EO PC NRL
Compaq CQ2849EO PC NRL
Compaq CQ2850EF PC FR
Compaq CQ2850EO PC NRL
Compaq CQ2860EF PC FR
Compaq CQ2860EFm Bndl PC FR
Compaq CQ2870EA PC UK
Compaq CQ2870EF PC FR
Compaq CQ2880EA PC UK
Compaq CQ2900EK PC NWAFR
Compaq CQ2900EKm PC NWAFR
Compaq CQ2900EL PC ITL
Compaq CQ2900EZ PC SWIS2
Compaq CQ2901EA PC UK
Compaq CQ2901EK PC NWAFR
Compaq CQ2901EKm Bndl PC NWAFR
Compaq CQ2901EL PC ITL
Compaq CQ2901EO PC NRL
Compaq CQ2902EK PC NWAFR
Compaq CQ2902EKm Bndl PC NWAFR
Compaq CQ2902EP PC PORT
Compaq CQ2902EQ PC ROM
Compaq CQ2902EU PC ADR
Compaq CQ2902FB PC BULG
Compaq CQ2903EG PC GR
Compaq CQ2903EK PC NWAFR
Compaq CQ2903EKm Bndl PC NWAFR
Compaq CQ2903ER PC RUSS
Compaq CQ2903ES PC SP
Compaq CQ2903ESm Bndl PC SP
Compaq CQ2904EG PC GR
Compaq CQ2904EL PC ITL
Compaq CQ2904ES PC SP
Compaq CQ2904EV PC GRK
Compaq CQ2904EVm Bndl PC GRK
Compaq CQ2905ES PC SP
Compaq CQ2906EG PC GR
Compaq CQ2906EL PC ITL
Compaq CQ2906ES PC SP
Compaq CQ2907ES PC SP
Compaq CQ2908EL PC ITL
Compaq CQ2908ES PC SP
Compaq CQ2909EO PC NRL
Compaq CQ2909ES PC SP
Compaq CQ2909ESm Bndl PC SP
Compaq CQ2910EK PC AFRC-F
Compaq CQ2910EKm Bndl PC AFRC-F
Compaq CQ2911EK PC AFRC-F
Compaq CQ2911EKm Bndl PC AFRC-F
Compaq CQ2912EK PC AFRC-F
Compaq CQ2912EKm Bndl PC AFRC-F
Compaq CQ2913EB PC EUROA4
Compaq CQ2913EK PC AFRC-F
Compaq CQ2913EKm Bndl PC AFRC-F
Compaq CQ2914EA PC UK
Compaq CQ2914EAm PC Bndl UK
Compaq CQ2914EB PC EUROA4
Compaq CQ2915EA PC UK
Compaq CQ2915EB PC EUROA4
Compaq CQ2916EA PC UK
Compaq CQ2920ED PC NL
Compaq CQ2920EQ PC ROM
Compaq CQ2920EU PC ADR
Compaq CQ2920FB PC BULG
Compaq CQ2924EA PC UK
Compaq CQ2925EA PC UK
Compaq CQ2926EA PC UK
Compaq CQ2930EF PC FR
Compaq CQ2930EV PC GRK
Compaq CQ2932EA PC UK
Compaq CQ2933EA PC UK
Compaq CQ2934EA PC UK
Compaq CQ2940EA PC UK
Compaq CQ2940ED PC NL
Compaq CQ2940EF PC FR
Compaq CQ2940EFm Bndl PC FR
Compaq CQ2940EKm PC Bndl AFRC-F
Compaq CQ2949EG PC GR
Compaq CQ2950EF PC FR
Compaq CQ2950EG PC GR
Compaq CQ2950EO PC NRL
Compaq CQ2951EL PC ITL
Compaq CQ2951LA Desktop PC
Compaq CQ2952EL PC ITL
Compaq CQ2953ER PC RUSS
Compaq CQ2953ERm PC Bndl RUSS
Compaq CQ2953ES PC SP
Compaq CQ2953LA PC
Compaq CQ2954EL PC ITL
Compaq CQ2954EO PC NRL
Compaq CQ2954ES PC SP
Compaq CQ2954LA Desktop PC
Compaq CQ2955ELm PC Bndl ITL
Compaq CQ2958ES PC SP
Compaq CQ2959ES PC SP
Compaq CQ2960EA PC UK
Compaq CQ2960EG PC GR
Compaq CQ2960EKm PC Bndl AFRC-F
Compaq CQ2961ES PC SP
Compaq CQ2961ESm PC Bndl SP
Compaq CQ2962ES PC SP
Compaq CQ2962ESm PC Bndl SP
Compaq CQ2965EG PC GR
Compaq CQ2965EGm Bndl PC GR
Compaq CQ2965ES PC SP
Compaq CQ2970ED PC NL
Compaq CQ2970EO PC NRL
Compaq CQ2975ED PC NL
Compaq CQ2975EO PC NRL
Compaq CQ2980ED PC NL
Compaq CQ2985EA PC UK
Compaq CQ2985EAm PC Bndl UK
Compaq CQ2990EA PC UK
HP Pavilion p2-1117c Desktop PC
HP Pavilion p2-1123w Desktop PC
HP Pavilion p2-1208hk PC HK
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HP Pavilion p2-1265il PC INDIA
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HP Pavilion p2-1271l PC THAI
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HP p2-1310d PC SING
HP p2-1310l PC A/P
HP p2-1312l PC THAI
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HP p2-1314l PC A/P
HP p2-1315l PC A/P
HP p2-1316d PC A/P
HP p2-1318d PC THAI
HP p2-1319d PC THAI
HP p2-1320a PC AUST
HP p2-1320jp PC JPN2
HP p2-1321a PC AUST
HP p2-1321l PC A/P
HP p2-1322a PC AUST
HP p2-1323a PC AUST
HP p2-1330il PC INDIA
HP p2-1331il PC INDIA
HP p2-1332ix PC INDIA
HP p2-1333in PC INDIA
HP p2-1334in PC INDIA
HP p2-1335il PC INDIA
HP p2-1336il PC INDIA
HP p2-1340jp PC JPN2
HP p2-1340l PC SING
HP p2-1350d PC A/P
HP p2-1350l PC INDO
HP p2-1391d PC A/P
HP p2-1394 Desktop PC
HP p2-1400l PC THAI
HP p2-1401il PC INDIA
HP p2-1401l PC PHILI
HP p2-1402in PC INDIA
HP p2-1403in PC INDIA
HP p2-1404il PC INDIA
HP p2-1405il PC INDIA
HP p2-1405l PC A/P
HP p2-1406in PC INDIA
HP p2-1408hk PC HK
HP p2-1410a PC AUST
HP p2-1410l PC PHILI
HP p2-1411a PC AUST
HP p2-1412a PC AUST
HP p2-1412l PC THAI
HP p2-1413l PC THAI
HP p2-1420jp PC JPN2
HP p2-1421l PC A/P
HP p2-1431l PC THAI
HP p2-1440jp PC JPN2
HP p2-1450d PC INDO
HP p2-1452l PC INDO

  • Model: 699340-001
  • Shipping Weight: 3lbs
  • 99 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: HP

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