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5070-3326 HP All-in-One Card Reader for Slimline Case

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This brand new HP card reader can read and write files from your computer to different types of media.

Files can be copied, edited, and stored, and can be transferred at maximum speeds.

OEM device manufacturers reap the benefits for high speed performance.


  • 4 socket support mostly all memory card
  • Supports Hot Swapping and Plug & Play without driver for Windows OS
  • Linux compatible drivers available
  • Active LED to indicate read/write activity and bus activity USB powered; no external power required
  • Bootable feature allows system to boot at DOS from any slot EMI, ESD
  • Supports multiple LUN for card to card data

Specification Table
Part / Feature Specification / Support
  • Manufacture: Hewlett-Packard
  • Part# 5070-3326
Card Reader Type
  • 3.5" internal
  • Secure Digital Card / Multi Media Card
  • Compact Flash I/II
  • Memory Stick Duo / Pro
  • Smart Media / XD-Picture Card
Memory card specifications
  • CF v2.0
  • SD v1.0
  • Mini SD
  • MS v1.4
  • Memory Stick v1.0
  • Memory Stick Duo v1.0
  • Memory Stick Pro v 1.0
  • MMC v2.2
  • SM v1.1
  • XD-Picture Card
  • IBM Micro Drive v7.0
Compatible Bays
  • front accessible - 3.5"
OS Required
  • Win98/Me/2000/XP/Vista
  • Linux compatible drivers available
Compliant Standards
  • New OEM Package

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  • Model: 5070-3326
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs
  • 99 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: HP

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 28 March, 2011.

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HP Pavilion s3037c Slimline home PC : GB220AA,  GB220AAR

HP Pavilion s3080d Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific) : GC310AA,  GC310AAR

HP Pavilion s3060tw Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific : GC325AA

HP Pavilion s3003w Slimline home PC : GC368AA

HP Pavilion s3000y Slimline home PC : GC386AV

HP Pavilion s3000e Slimline home PC : GC387AV

HP Pavilion s3012n Slimline home PC : GC519AA

Media card reader (Mars) - USB2.0 interface, 15in1 : GC579AV

HP Pavilion s3005fr Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GC635AA,  GC635AAR

HP Pavilion s3017fr Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GC640AA,  GC640AAR

HP Pavilion s3007fr Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GC642AA

HP Pavilion s3123w Slimline home PC : GC659AA,  GC659AAR

HP Pavilion s3120n Slimline home PC : GC665AA,  GC665AAR

HP Pavilion s3130es Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GG634AA,  GG634AAR

HP Pavilion s3150uk Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GG645AA

HP Pavilion s3140uk Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GG646AA,  GG646AAR

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HP Pavilion s3130nl Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GG698AA,  GG698AAR

HP Pavilion s3140sc Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GG700AA,  GG700AAR

HP Pavilion s3130ch Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GG701AA,  GG701AAR

HP Pavilion s3110tr Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GG702AA

HP Pavilion s3100y CTO Slimline home PC : GG758AV

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HP Pavilion s3130sc Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GG801AA,  GG801AAR

HP Pavilion s3110sc Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific : GG802AA,  GG802AAR

HP Pavilion s3150kr Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific : GF972AA

HP Pavilion s3160t Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific) : GF976AA

HP Pavilion s3180d Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific) : GG024AA,  GG024AAR

HP Pavilion s3137c Slimline home PC : GG058AA,  GG058AAR

HP Pavilion s3150sc Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GJ277AA,  GJ277AAR

HP Pavilion s3100n Slimline home PC : GJ474AA,  GJ474AAR

HP Pavilion s3168hk Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific : GL206AA

HP Pavilion s3041la Slimline home PC (Latin Americ : GM266AA,  GM266AAR

HP Pavilion s3122x Slimline home PC : GM286AA,  GM286AAR

HP Pavilion s3180in Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific : GM369AA

Pavilion Slimline PC (Germany) : GM373AA,  GM373AAR

HP Pavilion s3120fr Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GM421AA,  GM421AAR

HP Pavilion s3160nl Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GM437AA,  GM437AAR

HP Pavilion s3200n Slimline home PC : GN566AA,  GN566AAR

HP Pavilion s3220n Slimline home PC : GN567AA,  GN567AAR

HP Pavilion s3223w Slimline home PC : GN568AA,  GN568AAR

HP Pavilion s3245la Slimline home PC (LA) : GN658AA

HP Pavilion s3220la Slimline home PC (LA) : GN659AA,  GN659AAR

HP Pavilion s3240la Slimline home PC (LA) : GN660AA

HP Pavilion s3150be Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GN680AA,  GN680AAR

HP Pavilion s3242x Slimline home PC : GN712AA

HP Pavilion s3240sc Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GQ533AA,  GQ533AAR

HP Pavilion s3230sc Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GQ534AA,  GQ534AAR

HP Pavilion s3250sc Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GQ536AA,  GQ536AAR

HP Pavilion s3230de Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GQ541AA,  GQ541AAR

Pavilion (Europe) : GQ547AA,  GQ547AAR

Pavilion (Europe) : GQ548AA,  GQ548AAR

HP Pavilion s3230ch Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GQ550AA,  GQ550AAR

HP Pavilion s3210tr Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GQ551AA,  GQ551AAR

HP Pavilion s3210me Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GQ552AA,  GQ552AAR

HP Pavilion s3280a Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific) : GQ569AA,  GQ569AAR

HP Pavilion s3210la Slimline home (Latin America) : GQ431AA,  GQ431AAR

HP Pavilion s3240fr Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GQ437AA,  GQ437AAR

HP Pavilion s3217fr Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GQ439AA

Pavilion Slimline (France) : GQ442AA,  GQ442AAR

HP Pavilion s3205fr Slimline home PC : GQ443AA,  GQ443AAR

HP Pavilion s3220it Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GQ444AA,  GQ444AAR

HP Pavilion s3230it Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GQ445AA,  GQ445AAR

HP Pavilion s3250kr Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific : GQ496AA

HP Pavilion s3260uk Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GQ510AA

HP Pavilion s3240uk Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GQ511AA,  GQ511AAR

HP Pavilion s3215uk Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GQ512AA,  GQ512AAR

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HP Pavilion s3230pt Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GQ516AA,  GQ516AAR

Pavilion Slimline s3280d PC (Asia Pacific) : GQ582AA,  GQ582AAR

HP Pavilion s3103fr Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GQ604AA,  GQ604AAR

HP Pavilion s3170tw Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific : GQ617AA

HP Pavilion s3268hk Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific : GS162AA

Pavilion Slimline s3280tw (Taiwan) : GS187AA

Pavilion Slimline s3260tw (Taiwan) : GS190AA

HP Pavilion s3200t (CTO) Slimline home PC : GS220AV

HP Pavilion s3200z (CTO) Slimline home PC : GS221AV

HP Pavilion s3260in Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific : GT702AA

HP Pavilion s3230l Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific) : GT723AA

HP Pavilion s3230uk Slimline home PC : GV454AA,  GV454AAR

HP Pavilion s3241la Slimline home PC (LA) : GV462AA,  GV462AAR

HP Pavilion s3221la Slimline home PC (LA) : GV333AA

Memory card reader - 15IN1, 4-slots, USB ports : GV382AV

HP Pavilion eu003fr home PC (EMEA) : GU525AA

HP Pavilion eu003fr-p home PC Bndl (EMEA) : GU526AA

HP Pavilion s3241fr Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GX596AA

HP Pavilion s3210fr Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GX599AA,  GX599AAR

HP Pavilion s3300f Slimline home PC : GX615AA,  GX615AAR

HP Pavilion s3320f Slimline home PC : GX616AA,  GX616AAR

HP Pavilion s3323w Slimline home PC : GX628AA,  GX628AAR

HP Pavilion s3320br Slimline home PC (LA) : GX673AA

HP Pavilion s3310la Slimline home PC (LA) : GX709AA,  GX709AAR

HP Pavilion s3320la Slimline home PC (LA) : GX711AA

HP Pavilion s3340ls Slimline home PC (LA) : GX712AA,  GX712AAR

HP Pavilion s3345la Slimline home PC (LA) : GX713AA,  GX713AAR

HP Pavilion s3380a Slimline home PC (AP) : GX733AA,  GX733AAR

HP Pavilion s3360in Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific : GX748AA

HP Pavilion s3330f Slimline home PC : GX754AA,  GX754AAR

HP Pavilion s3338cn Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific : GZ648AA

HP Pavilion s3320kr Slimline home PC (AP) : GZ664AA

HP Pavilion s3380tw Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific : GZ678AA

HP Pavilion s3220sc Slimline home PC (EMEA) : GZ701AA,  GZ701AAR

HP Pavilion s3307c Slimline home PC : GZ727AA,  GZ727AAR

HP Pavilion s3380d Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific) : GZ753AA,  GZ753AAR

HP Pavilion s3388d Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific) : GZ754AA,  GZ754AAR

Pavilion Slimline PC : KA779AA

Pavilion Slimline PC : KA787AA,  KA787AAR

HP Pavilion s3330pt Slimline home PC (EMEA) : KA841AA,  KA841AAR

HP Pavilion s3330nl Slimline home PC (EMEA) : KA851AA,  KA851AAR

HP Pavilion s3360nl Slimline home PC (EMEA) : KA852AA,  KA852AAR

HP Pavilion s3310me Slimline home PC (EMEA) : KA863AA

Pavilion Slimline PC : KA888AA,  KA888AAR

HP Pavilion s3330sc Slimline home PC (EMEA) : KA904AA,  KA904AAR

HP Pavilion s3341fr Slimline home PC (EMEA) : KA915AA

HP Pavilion s3340fr Slimline home PC (EMEA) : KB013AA,  KB013AAR

HP Pavilion s3315fr Slimline home PC (EMEA) : KB016AA,  KB016AAR

HP Pavilion s3310fr Slimline home PC (EMEA) : KB017AA,  KB017AAR

HP Pavilion s3305fr Slimline home PC (EMEA) : KB018AA,  KB018AAR

HP Pavilion s3360uk Slimline home PC (EMEA) : KA763AA,  KA763AAR

HP Pavilion s3340uk Slimline home PC (EMEA) : KA764AA

HP Pavilion s3330uk Slimline home PC (EMEA) : KA765AA,  KA765AAR

HP Pavilion s3320uk Slimline home PC (EMEA) : KA766AA,  KA766AAR

HP Pavilion s3315uk Slimline home PC (EMEA) : KA767AA,  KA767AAR

HP Pavilion s3348hk Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific : KC679AA

HP Pavilion s3388hk Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific : KC681AA

HP Pavilion s3315kr Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific : KC722AA

HP Pavilion s3350uk Slimline home PC (EMEA) : KE472AA,  KE472AAR

HP Pavilion s3370uk Slimline home PC (EMEA) : KE548AA,  KE548AAR

HP Pavilion s3301f Slimline home PC : KE553AA,  KE553AAR

HP Pavilion s3322uk Slimline home PC (EMEA) : KE615AA,  KE615AAR

HP Pavilion s3321p Slimline home PC : KE624AA,  KE624AAR

HP Pavilion Slimline s3407c Desktop PC : KJ269AA,  KJ269AAR

HP Pavilion Slimline s3401f Desktop PC : KJ308AA

HP Pavilion Slimline s3421p Desktop PC : KJ309AA,  KJ309AAR

HP Pavilion Slimline s3480a Desktop PC : KJ336AA,  KJ336AAR

HP Pavilion Slimline s3438cn Desktop PC (AP) : KJ354AA

HP Pavilion s3415kr Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific : KJ355AA

HP Pavilion s3420kr Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific : KJ356AA

HP Pavilion Slimline s3448hk Desktop PC : KJ370AA

HP Pavilion Slimline s3488hk Desktop PC : KJ372AA

HP Pavilion s3400f CTO Slimline home PC : KJ375AA,  KJ375AAR

HP Pavilion s3480d Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific) : KJ417AA,  KJ417AAR

HP Pavilion s3488d Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific) : KJ418AA,  KJ418AAR

HP Pavilion Slimline s3400z CTO Desktop PC : KL645AV

HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop PC (EMEA) : KP231AA,  KP231AAR

HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop PC (EMEA) : KP234AA,  KP234AAR

HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop PC : KP247AA,  KP247AAR

HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop PC : KP265AA,  KP265AAR

HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop PC : KP292AA,  KP292AAR

HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop PC (EMEA) : KP324AA,  KP324AAR

HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop PC (EMEA) : KP327AA