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300W Hipro Power Supply 5188-0129 HP - D3057F3R

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Product Description

A new OEM of 5188-0129 (HP - D3057F3R) product of HP 300W Regulated Output Power Supply for HP Desktop PC


  • 80mm Fan - Thermostatically controlled fans for low acoustic noise
  • Short Circuit Protection, In-Rush Current Protection, Thermal Overload Cutoff Protection, Over-Temperature, Over-Voltage, Over-Current, Under Voltage,
  • Meets ATX 12V v2.2 Specifications.
  • Universal Switchable Input which means can be used in any countries

Specification Table
Part / Feature Specification / Support
  • HP-D3057F3R
Part Number
  • HP 5188-0129
  • Hipro
AC Input
  • 100 - 127 V/ 200 - 240 V
  • 47 - 63 Hz
  • 8A 115V, 4A 230V
DC Output
  • +3.3V 28A, +5V 30A, +12V 19A, -12V 0.8A, +5VSB 2.0A
Max Power
  • 300W
  • 1 x 24-Pin ATX Power Cable(11.5in)
  • 1 x FDD Power Cable
  • 1 x 4-Pin P4 AUX Power Cable(14in)
  • 5 x PATA Power Cable(25in, 23in, 14in, 10in, 6 in)
  • 2 x SATA Power Cable(27in, 15in)
  • ATX
  • Brand New OEM Package

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Product Model
Pavilion w5120la (Latin America) ED824AA,  ED824AAR
HP Media Center m7250n home PC ED842AA,  ED842AAR
HP Media Center m7267c home PC ED843AA,  ED843AAR
Presario SR1603WM home PC ED861AA
Compaq Presario SR1617CL home PC ED870AA,  ED870AAR
Compaq Presario SR1630NX home PC ED878AA,  ED878AAR
Compaq Presario SR1638NX home PC ED879AA,  ED879AAR
Compaq Presario SR1650NX home PC ED881AA,  ED881AAR
Compaq Presario SR1675CL home PC ED884AA,  ED884AAR
HP Pavilion a1203w home PC ED891AA,  ED891AAR
HP Pavilion a1206n home PC ED893AA,  ED893AAR
HP Pavilion a1210n home PC ED895AA,  ED895AAR
HP Pavilion a1214n home PC ED900AA,  ED900AAR
HP Pavilion a1220n home PC ED904AA
HP Pavilion a1222n home PC ED905AA,  ED905AAR
HP Pavilion a1228x home PC ED907AA,  ED907AAR
HP Pavilion a1229x home PC (no monitor) ED909AA,  ED909AAR
HP Pavilion a1230n home PC EG134AA,  EG134AAR
HP Pavilion a1245c home PC (no monitor) EG137AA,  EG137AAR
HP Pavilion a1118cl home PC (Asia Pacific) EG149AA
Compaq Presario SR1030Z (EG185AV) CTO home PC EG185AV,  EG185AVR
HP Pavilion a1250n home PC EG194AA,  EG194AAR
HP Media Center m7246n home PC EG630AA,  EG630AAR
HP Media Center m7257c home PC EG640AA,  EG640AAR
Compaq Presario SR1614X home PC EG646AA,  EG646AAR
HP Media Center m7163w home PC EG667AA,  EG667AAR
HP Media Center m7265c home PC EG705AA,  EG705AAR
Presario SR1010Z CTO (EJ295AV) EJ295AV
HP Pavilion w5210la home PC (Latin America) EK386AA,  EK386AAR
HP Pavilion w5220la home PC (Latin America) EK387AA,  EK387AAR
HP Pavilion w5230la home PC (Latin America) EK388AA
HP Pavilion w5240la home PC (Latin America) EK389AA
HP Media Center m7240la home PC (Latin America) EK391AA,  EK391AAR
HP Media Center m7250la home PC (Latin America) EK392AA,  EK392AAR
HP Media Center m7248n home PC EK408AA,  EK408AAR
HP Media Center m7259c home PC EK425AA,  EK425AAR
HP Pavilion a1310y (CTO) home PC EK459AV,  EK459AVR
HP Pavilion a1330e (CTO) home PC EK460AV,  EK460AVR
HP Pavilion a1350y (CTO) home PC EK461AV,  EK461AVR
Compaq Presario SR1730T (CTO) home PC EK467AV,  EK467AVR
Compaq Presario SR1700Z (CTO) home PC EK469AV,  EK469AVR
Compaq Presario SR1730Z (CTO) home PC EK470AV,  EK470AVR
HP Pavilion a1211n home PC EL402AA,  EL402AAR
Compaq Presario SR1010Z Bundled home PC EL404AA
HP Media Center m7350n home PC EL406AA,  EL406AAR
HP Media Center m7357c home PC EL407AA,  EL407AAR
HP Media Center m7360n home PC EL409AA,  EL409AAR
Compaq Presario SR1711NX home PC EL427AA,  EL427AAR
Compaq Presario SR1722X home PC EL436AA,  EL436AAR
Compaq Presario SR1726NX home PC EL437AA,  EL437AAR
Compaq Presario SR1734X home PC EL442AA,  EL442AAR
Compaq Presario SR1738NX home PC EL443AA,  EL443AAR
Compaq Presario SR1750NX home PC EL445AA,  EL445AAR
HP Pavilion a1310n Desktop PC EL448AA,  EL448AAR
HP Pavilion a1312n home PC EL449AA,  EL449AAR
Compaq Presario SR1755NX home PC EL451AA,  EL451AAR
HP Pavilion a1319h home PC EL452AA,  EL452AAR
HP Pavilion a1320n home PC EL453AA,  EL453AAR
HP Pavilion a1243w home PC EL454AA,  EL454AAR
HP Pavilion a1328x home PC EL456AA,  EL456AAR
HP Pavilion a1329x home PC EL458AA
HP Pavilion a1247c home PC EL460AA,  EL460AAR
HP Pavilion a1324n home PC EL464AA,  EL464AAR
HP Pavilion a1330n home PC EL466AA,  EL466AAR
HP Pavilion a1340n home PC EL470AA,  EL470AAR
HP Pavilion a1350n home PC EL472AA,  EL472AAR
HP Pavilion a1357c home PC EL473AA,  EL473AAR
HP Pavilion a1226n home PC EL494AA,  EL494AAR
HP Pavilion a1355c home PC EL511AA,  EL511AAR
HP Media Center m7263w home PC EL543AA,  EL543AAR
HP Pavilion a1283w home PC EL544AA,  EL544AAR
HP Pavilion a1323w home PC EP001AA,  EP001AAR
Compaq Presario SR1625NX home PC ER100AA,  ER100AAR
HP Media Center m7330n home PC ER101AA,  ER101AAR
HP Media Center m7334n home PC ER859AA,  ER859AAR
HP Pavilion a1314n home PC ER950AA,  ER950AAR
HP Media Center m7363w home PC ER958AA
HP Pavilion a1383w home PC ER959AA
HP Pavilion a1373w home PC ER960AA
HP Pavilion a1235c home PC ER975AA,  ER975AAR
Pavilion a1010y CTO (PU129AV) PU129AV,  PU129AVR
Pavilion a1030e CTO (PU130AV) PU130AV,  PU130AVR
Pavilion a1050y CTO (PU131AV) PU131AV,  PU131AVR
Presario SR1010Z CTO (PU166AV) PU166AV,  PU166AVR
Presario SR1020T CTO (PU167AV) PU167AV,  PU167AVR
Pavilion w5010la (Latin America) PW706AA
Pavilion w5030la (Latin America) PW707AA,  PW707AAR
Pavilion w5040la (Latin America) PW708AA,  PW708AAR
Media Center m7050y CTO (PX153AV) PX153AV
Media Center m7050e CTO (PX154AV) PX154AV
Media Center m7160n Desktop PC PX721AA,  PX721AAR
HP Media Center m7167c home PC PX722AA,  PX722AAR
HP Media Center m7177c home PC PX725AA,  PX725AAR
HP Pavilion a1114n home PC (NA) PX748AA,  PX748AAR
HP Pavilion a1130n home PC (NA) PX769AA,  PX769AAR
HP Pavilion a1132n home PC (NA) PX770AA,  PX770AAR
HP Pavilion a1129n home PC (NA) PY029AA,  PY029AAR
Compaq Presario SR1020Z (PY185AV) CTO home PC PY185AV,  PY185AVR
Pavilion a1110y CTO (PY195AV) PY195AV,  PY195AVR
Pavilion a1130e CTO (PY196AV) PY196AV,  PY196AVR
Pavilion a1150Y CTO (PY197AV) PY197AV,  PY197AVR
HP Pavilion a1030e-2 (PY208AV) CTO Desktop PC PY208AV

  • Model: 5188-0129
  • Shipping Weight: 4lbs
  • 0 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: HP

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