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HP System Board - 513430-002 (NP253-69001) MBD-VIOLET-GL8 (New)

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System board (motherboard) Violet-GL8E - Form factor micro-ATX, AMD processor supported - With four PCI-E expansion slots.

Hp motherboard part number 513430-002. Supports AMD AM2+ socket processors, and DDR2 240pin RAM up to 1066MHz. Fits Micro ATX cases Form Factor Micro-ATX: 24.4 cm (9.6 inches) x 24.4 cm (9.6 inches) Chipset NVIDIA GeForce 8200 Front-side bus speed 5200MT/s (5.2 GT/s) Processor Support Socket type: AM2+ TDP: 125 watt Motherboard supports the following processor upgrades: Phenom with Quad Core (Agena) technology 9xxx series (AM2+) up to 9700 (up to 125 watt) Phenom with Triple-Core (Toliman) technology 8xxx series (AM2+) up to 8xxx (up to 125 watt) Athlon 64 X2 with Dual Core technology (AM2) up to 6400+ (up to 125 watt) Memory upgrade information Dual channel memory architecture Four 240-pin DDR2 DIMM sockets Supported DIMM types: PC2-5300 (667 MHz) PC2-6400 (800 MHz) PC2-8500 (1066 MHz) Non-ECC memory only, unbuffered Supports 2GB DDR2 DIMMs Supports up to 8 GB on 64 bit PCs Supports up to 4 GB* on 32 bit PCs Video Integrated video is not available if a graphics card is installed. Integrated graphics using nVidia GeForce 8200 Supports concurrent use of dual displays connected to onboard DVI and VGA connectors. Also supports PCI Express x16 graphics cards as independent graphics adapters. Audio Integrated audio is not available if a sound card is installed. Audio CODEC: Realtek ALC888S 8 channel high-definition audio Network Interface: Integrated into motherboard Technology: Realtek RTL8211B-GR Data transfer speeds: up to 10/100/100 Mb/s (Gigabit Ethernet) LAN NOTE: Transmission standards: 1000-Base-T Ethernet Expansion Slots One PCI Express x16 Three PCI Express x1

Part number NP253-69001 is used in the product models listed below:

HP Pavilion p6211f Desktop PC AU913AA,  AU913AAR
Compaq Presario CQ5218F Desktop PC AU991AA,  AU991AAR
HP Pavilion p6219f Desktop PC AU994AA,  AU994AAR
HP Pavilion p6208f Desktop PC AV016AA,  AV016AAR
HP Pavilion p6245f Desktop PC AV017AA,  AV017AAR
HP Pavilion p6228p Desktop PC AV019AA,  AV019AAR
HP Pavilion Elite e9105z CTO Desktop PC AV131AV
HP Pavilion p6116f Desktop PC AU166AA,  AU166AAR
HP Pavilion p6122f Desktop PC AU169AA,  AU169AAR
HP Pavilion Elite e9105z CTO Desktop PC AV307AV
HP Pavilion a6720f Desktop PC FQ564AA,  FQ564AAR
HP Pavilion Elite m9517c Desktop PC FQ574AA,  FQ574AAR
HP Pavilion a6702f Desktop PC FQ605AA,  FQ605AAR
HP Pavilion a6704f Desktop PC FQ606AA,  FQ606AAR
Compaq Presario SR5760AN Desktop PC FT970AA,  FT970AAR
HP Pavilion v7760jp Desktop PC (CTO) FT803AV
HP Pavilion a6726cn Desktop PC KZ232AA
Compaq Presario SR5712SC Desktop PC NC199AA,  NC199AAR
HP Pavilion a6722sc Desktop PC NC208AA,  NC208AAR
HP Pavilion a6758sc Desktop PC NC212AA,  NC212AAR
HP Pavilion a6709sc Desktop PC NC219AA,  NC219AAR
HP Pavilion a6713sc Desktop PC NC221AA,  NC221AAR
HP Pavilion Elite m9564sc Desktop PC NC230AA,  NC230AAR
Compaq Presario SR5780KL Desktop PC NC628AA
HP Pavilion a6708cx Desktop PC NC713AA
HP Pavilion a6719f Desktop PC NC768AA,  NC768AAR
HP Pavilion a6751cn Desktop PC NC792AA
HP Pavilion a6713cx Desktop PC NC797AA
HP Pavilion a6716cn Desktop PC NC798AA
HP Pavilion a6717cn Desktop PC NC799AA
HP Pavilion a6724c Desktop PC NC818AA,  NC818AAR
Compaq Presario SR5860AN Desktop PC NC865AA,  NC865AAR
HP Pavilion a6727fr Desktop PC NB953AA,  NB953AAR
HP Pavilion a6743fr Desktop PC NB958AA,  NB958AAR
Compaq Presario SR5705FR Desktop PC NB980AA,  NB980AAR
Compaq Presario SR5702UK Desktop PC NC056AA
Compaq Presario SR5722UK Desktop PC NC059AA
Compaq Presario SR5702BE Desktop PC NC087AA,  NC087AAR
Compaq Presario SR5702DE Desktop PC NC105AA,  NC105AAR
HP Pavilion a6724de Desktop PC NC108AA,  NC108AAR
Compaq Presario SR5722NL Desktop PC NC109AA,  NC109AAR
Compaq Presario SR5722CH Desktop PC NC120AA,  NC120AAR
Compaq Presario SR5712CH Desktop PC NC127AA,  NC127AAR
Compaq Presario SR5703FR Desktop PC NF474AA,  NF474AAR
HP Pavilion a6734de Desktop PC NF484AA,  NF484AAR
Compaq Presario SR5723ES Desktop PC NF497AA,  NF497AAR
HP Pavilion a6716uk Desktop PC NF516AA,  NF516AAR
Compaq Presario SR5702NL Desktop PC NF537AA,  NF537AAR
HP Pavilion a6720fr Desktop PC NF546AA,  NF546AAR
HP Pavilion a6718uk Desktop PC NF566AA,  NF566AAR
Compaq Presario SR5714IT Desktop PC NF573AA,  NF573AAR
HP Pavilion a6734it Desktop PC NF574AA,  NF574AAR
Compaq Presario SR5702IT Desktop PC NF577AA
Compaq Presario SR5724DE Desktop PC NF596AA,  NF596AAR
HP Pavilion a6708uk Desktop PC NF598AA
HP Pavilion a6756uk Desktop PC NF600AA,  NF600AAR
HP Pavilion a6714es Desktop PC NF605AA,  NF605AAR
Compaq Presario SR5726UK Desktop PC NF611AA,  NF611AAR
HP Pavilion a6714it Desktop PC NF623AA,  NF623AAR
HP Pavilion Elite m9555ch Desktop PC NF333AA,  NF333AAR
Compaq Presario SR5702SC Desktop PC NF351AA,  NF351AAR
Presario SR5724UK Desktop PC NF430AA
HP Pavilion a6720at Desktop PC NF431AA,  NF431AAR
HP Pavilion a6752ch Desktop PC NF454AA,  NF454AAR
HP Pavilion p6035tw Desktop PC NJ003AA
HP Pavilion p6040tw Desktop PC NJ004AA
HP Pavilion v7860jp CTO Desktop PC NH929AV
HP Pavilion a6740nl Desktop PC NM678AA
HP Pavilion a6716ch Desktop PC NM693AA,  NM693AAR
HP Pavilion p6012pl Desktop PC NM736AA,  NM736AAR
Compaq Presario CQ5022RU Desktop PC NM744AA
Compaq Presario CQ5032RU Desktop PC NM746AA
HP Pavilion p6032ru Desktop PC NM747AA
Compaq Presario CQ5012AT Desktop PC NM762AA,  NM762AAR
Compaq Presario CQ5020NL Desktop PC NM787AA,  NM787AAR
Compaq Presario CQ5012NL Desktop PC NM789AA,  NM789AAR
HP Pavilion a6735fr Desktop PC NM808AA
Compaq Presario SR5707FR Desktop PC NM810AA,  NM810AAR
Compaq Presario SR5706FR Desktop PC NM822AA,  NM822AAR
HP Pavilion a6722be Desktop PC NM823AA,  NM823AAR
Compaq Presario CQ5003FR Desktop PC NM827AA,  NM827AAR
HP Pavilion p6025fr Desktop PC NM853AA,  NM853AAR
Compaq Presario CQ5014IT Desktop PC NM934AA,  NM934AAR
HP Pavilion p6034it Desktop PC NM938AA,  NM938AAR
HP Pavilion p6054sc Desktop PC NM953AA,  NM953AAR
Compaq Presario CQ5043SC Desktop PC NM958AA,  NM958AAR
Compaq Presario SR5770KL Desktop PC NP181AA
HP Pavilion Elite e9140f Desktop PC NP195AA,  NP195AAR
HP Pavilion a6720y Desktop PC NP200AA,  NP200AAR
HP Pavilion p6102f Desktop PC NP206AA,  NP206AAR
HP Pavilion p6126f Desktop PC NP207AA,  NP207AAR
HP Pavilion p6142p Desktop PC NP218AA,  NP218AAR
HP Pavilion p6152f Desktop PC NP220AA,  NP220AAR
HP Pavilion p6157c Desktop PC NP253AA,  NP253AAR
HP Pavilion p6088tw Desktop PC NP287AA
HP Pavilion a6817cn Desktop PC NP288AA
HP Pavilion a6819cn Desktop PC NP289AA
HP Pavilion p6020de Desktop PC NQ842AA,  NQ842AAR
HP Pavilion p6050de Desktop PC NQ844AA,  NQ844AAR
HP Pavilion p6045ch Desktop PC NQ855AA,  NQ855AAR
Compaq Presario CQ5034UK Desktop PC NQ882AA,  NQ882AAR
HP Pavilion p6046it Desktop PC NQ895AA,  NQ895AAR
HP Pavilion a6708fr Desktop PC NQ924AA
Compaq Presario CQ5004FR Desktop PC NQ927AA,  NQ927AAR
HP Pavilion p6033fr Desktop PC NQ929AA,  NQ929AAR
HP Pavilion p6005be Desktop PC NQ948AA,  NQ948AAR
Compaq Presario CQ5015FR Desktop PC NQ960AA,  NQ960AAR
HP Pavilion p6005fr Desktop PC NQ971AA,  NQ971AAR
HP Pavilion p6032fr Desktop PC NQ973AA,  NQ973AAR
HP Pavilion p6028it Desktop PC NQ983AA,  NQ983AAR
HP Pavilion p6034sc Desktop PC NQ993AA,  NQ993AAR
HP Pavilion p6035sc Desktop PC NQ994AA,  NQ994AAR
HP Pavilion p6025ch Desktop PC NR008AA
HP Pavilion p6044sc Desktop PC NR012AA,  NR012AAR
HP Pavilion p6016it Desktop PC NR014AA,  NR014AAR
HP Pavilion Elite m9645it Desktop PC NR035AA
HP Pavilion p6044uk Desktop PC NR036AA,  NR036AAR
HP Pavilion p6022sc Desktop PC NQ775AA,  NQ775AAR
HP Pavilion p6045sc Desktop PC NQ782AA,  NQ782AAR
HP Pavilion p6047sc Desktop PC NQ793AA,  NQ793AAR
HP Pavilion Elite m9661sc Desktop PC NQ797AA,  NQ797AAR
HP Pavilion Elite m9652uk Desktop PC NQ813AA,  NQ813AAR
HP Pavilion p6042uk Desktop PC NQ816AA,  NQ816AAR
HP Pavilion p6115y Desktop PC NY438AA,  NY438AAR
HP Pavilion p6130f Desktop PC NY463AA,  NY463AAR
HP Pavilion p6130y Desktop PC NY464AA,  NY464AAR
HP Pavilion p6101f Desktop PC NY534AA,  NY534AAR
HP Pavilion p6210f Desktop PC NY544AA,  NY544AAR
HP Pavilion p6210y Desktop PC NY545AA,  NY545AAR
HP Pavilion p6247c Desktop PC NY589AA,  NY589AAR
HP Pavilion p6257c Desktop PC NY595AA,  NY595AAR
HP Pavilion p6202f Desktop PC NY618AA,  NY618AAR
HP Pavilion p6226f Desktop PC NY619AA,  NY619AAR
HP Pavilion p6216f Desktop PC NY620AA,  NY620AAR
HP Pavilion p6214y Desktop PC NY621AA,  NY621AAR
HP Pavilion p6120it Desktop PC VC758AA,  VC758AAR
HP Pavilion p6122it Desktop PC VC760AA,  VC760AAR
Compaq Presario CQ5135ES Desktop PC VC835AA,  VC835AAR
HP Pavilion p6032uk Desktop PC VC923AA,  VC923AAR
HP Pavilion p6142sc Desktop PC VC965AA,  VC965AAR
Compaq Presario CQ5116ES Desktop PC VC987AA,  VC987AAR
Compaq Presario CQ5110FR Desktop PC VF997AA
HP Pavilion p6128fr Desktop PC VG036AA,  VG036AAR
HP Pavilion p6149sc Desktop PC VG057AA,  VG057AAR

  • Model: NP253-69001
  • Shipping Weight: 4lbs
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  • Manufactured by: HP

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