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Original HP 5188-2622 250W POWER SUPPLY

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Product Description

250W HP POWER SUPPLY - ATX 51882622 for HP Pavilion Home PC
Specification Table

A well-known manufacturer, Bestec or Lite On designs 5188-2622 Power Supply of HP with simple, quiet performance to claim reliability and feature-sets with a lower price point. It focuses on performance, quality, and quiet operation. Even at peak loads, the 250W power supply remains virtually silent and features a standard ATX power supply form factor resulting in a compact footprint to accommodate virtually all computer towers.


  • Hewlett-Packard Technology
  • Internal 80mm fan
  • Connect All universal connectors
  • Overvoltage / Overcurrent / Short-Circuit protection
  • Active PFC

Specification Table
Part / Feature Specification / Support
HP Part number
  • 5188-2622
  • ATX-250-12Z/PS-5251-08
AC Input
  • 115 (100-127V) /230 (200-240V )VAC
  • 47-63 Hz
  • 8/4 A
DC Output
  • +12V/14.0A ; -12V/0.8A
  • +5V/25A ; +5VSB/2.0A
  • +3.3V/ 18A
Max Power
  • 250W
20 Pin Connector
  • 1
4-Pin Floppy Connector
  • 2
IDE Connector
  • 4
4-Pin connector
  • 1
  • Brand New OEM Package

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Product Model
HP Pavilion a1200y (CTO) home PC EK457AV,  EK457AVR
HP Pavilion a1200e (CTO) home PC EK458AV,  EK458AVR
HP Pavilion a1320y home PC ER863AV,  ER863AVR
HP Pavilion a1424n home PC ER903AA,  ER903AAR
Compaq Presario SR1802HM home PC ER910AA
Compaq Presario SR1810NX home PC ER912AA,  ER912AAR
Compaq Presario SR1811NX home PC ER913AA,  ER913AAR
Compaq Presario SR1702LS home PC (LA) ER963AA
HP Pavilion a1400e (CTO) home PC EW170AV
HP Pavilion w1420la home PC (LA) EX247AA
Compaq Presario SR1815LA home PC (LA) EX248AA,  EX248AAR
Compaq Presario SR1902HM home PC EX305AA
Compaq Presario SR1903WM home PC EX306AA,  EX306AAR
Compaq Presario SR1907CL home PC EX307AA,  EX307AAR
Compaq Presario SR1910NX home PC EX310AA,  EX310AAR
Presario SR1807CL Desktop PC EX397AA,  EX397AAR
Compaq Presario SR1902LS home PC (LA) EX421AA
Compaq Presario SR1915LS home PC (LA) EX423AA,  EX423AAR
Compaq Presario SR1905LA home PC (LA) EZ058AA
HP Pavilion a6009n home PC GC515AA,  GC515AAR
HP Pavilion a6057c home PC GC517AA,  GC517AAR
Compaq Presario SR5027CL home PC GC520AA,  GC520AAR
HP Pavilion a6113w home PC GC658AA,  GC658AAR
Compaq Presario SR5123WM home PC GC660AA,  GC660AAR
Compaq Presario SR5113WM home PC GC662AA,  GC662AAR
Compaq Presario SR5152NX home PC GC666AA,  GC666AAR
Compaq Presario SR5130NX home PC GC667AA,  GC667AAR
Compaq Presario SR5110NX home PC GC668AA,  GC668AAR
HP Pavilion a6120n home PC GC670AA,  GC670AAR
HP Pavilion a6130n home PC GC671AA,  GC671AAR
HP Pavilion a6109n home PC GG038AA,  GG038AAR
HP Pavilion a6112n home PC GG039AA,  GG039AAR
HP Pavilion a6142n home PC GG045AA,  GG045AAR
Compaq Presario SR5102HM home PC GG050AA,  GG050AAR
HP Pavilion a6157c home PC GG056AA,  GG056AAR
Compaq Presario SR5127CL home PC GG060AA,  GG060AAR
HP Pavilion a6125br home PC (Latin America) GG707AA
HP Pavilion a6110n home PC GG781AA,  GG781AAR
HP Pavilion a6137c home PC GG789AA,  GG789AAR
HP Pavilion a6123w home PC GL307AA,  GL307AAR
Compaq Presario SR5109NX home PC GL310AA,  GL310AAR
HP Pavilion a6167c home PC GM276AA,  GM276AAR
Pavilion a6114x Desktop PC GM367AA,  GM367AAR
Compaq Presario SR5125CL home PC GM442AA,  GM442AAR
Compaq Presario SR2308LA home PC (Latin America) GM444AA
Compaq Presario SG3110BR home PC (Latin America) GN547AA
Compaq Presario SG3115BR home PC (Latin America) GN549AA
HP Pavilion a6200n home PC GN556AA,  GN556AAR
HP Pavilion a6213w home PC GN558AA,  GN558AAR
HP Pavilion a6223w home PC GN560AA,  GN560AAR
HP Pavilion a6237c home PC GN562AA,  GN562AAR
Compaq Presario SR5210NX home PC GN571AA,  GN571AAR
Compaq Presario SR5223WM home PC GN573AA,  GN573AS
Compaq Presario SR5250NX home PC GN582AA,  GN582AAR
HP Pavilion a6118x home PC GN587AA,  GN587AAR
HP Pavilion a6200t (CTO) home PC GN632AV
HP Pavilion a6205t (CTO) home PC GN633AV
HP Pavilion a6202n home PC GN696AA,  GN696AAR
Pavilion a6214x Desktop PC GN697AA,  GN697AAR
HP Pavilion a6212n home PC GN699AA,  GN699AAR
HP Pavilion a6219h home PC GN701AA,  GN701AAR
HP Pavilion a6244n home PC GN702AA
Pavilion a6228x Desktop PC GN703AA,  GN703AAR
HP Pavilion a6234x home PC GN704AA,  GN704AAR
Pavilion a6238x Desktop PC GN705AA,  GN705AAR
HP Pavilion a6242n home PC GN706AA,  GN706AAR
HP Pavilion a6248x home PC GN707AA,  GN707AAR
HP Pavilion a6257c home PC GN709AA,  GN709AAR
Compaq Presario SR5202HM home PC GN716AA
Presario SR5234X Desktop PC GN719AA,  GN719AAR
Compaq Presario SR5254X home PC GN720AA,  GN720AAR
HP Pavilion a6218hk home PC (Asia Pacific) GQ618AA
HP Pavilion a6228hk home PC (Asia Pacific) GQ619AA
Compaq Presario SR5218HK home PC (Asia Pacific) GS160AA
Compaq Presario SR5233HK home PC (Asia Pacific) GS161AA
Compaq Presario SR5213HK home PC (Asia Pacific) GS164AA
Pavilion a6220tw (Asia Pacific) GS180AA
Pavilion a6225tw (Asia Pacific) GS181AA
Pavilion a6230tw (Asia Pacific) GS182AA
Pavilion a6235tw (Asia Pacific) GS183AA
Pavilion a6245tw (Taiwan) GS185AA
Pavilion a6210tw (Taiwan) GS191AA
HP Pavilion a6203w home PC GS354AA,  GS354AAR
Compaq Presario SR5240KL home PC (Asia Pacific) GT671AA
Compaq Presario SR5237CL home PC GT742AA,  GT742AAR
HP Pavilion a6205br home PC (Latin America) GV336AA
Compaq Presario SG3117BR home PC (EMEA) GV337AA
Compaq Presario SR5262NX home PC GV344AA,  GV344AAR
HP Pavilion a6208hk home PC (Asia Pacific) GV437AA
Compaq Presario SR5253HK home PC (Asia Pacific) GV438AA
Presario SR5214X Desktop PC GV441AA,  GV441AAR
HP Pavilion a6207c home PC GV443AA,  GV443AAR
HP Pavilion a6218x home PC GV446AA
HP Pavilion a6217c home PC GV460AA,  GV460AAR
HP Pavilion a6300f home PC GX613AA,  GX613AAR
Compaq Presario SR5310F home PC GX617AA,  GX617AAR
Compaq Presario SR5350F home PC GX618AA,  GX618AAR
HP Pavilion a6303w home PC GX624AA,  GX624AAR
HP Pavilion a6313w home PC GX626AA
HP Pavilion a6323w home PC GX627AA,  GX627AAR
Compaq Presario SR5313WM home PC GX629AA
Compaq Presario SR5333WM home PC GX632AA,  GX632AAR
HP Pavilion a6357c home PC GX759AA,  GX759AAR
HP Pavilion a6302f home PC GX765AA
HP Pavilion a6312p home PC GX766AA,  GX766AAR
Pavilion a6314f Desktop PC GX768AA,  GX768AAR
HP Pavilion a6318f home PC GX769AA
HP Pavilion a6319f home PC GX770AA
HP Pavilion a6334f home PC GX773AA
HP Pavilion a6342p home PC GX776AA,  GX776AAR
Compaq Presario SR5302FH home PC GZ619AA
HP Pavilion g3220tw home PC (Asia Pacific) GZ667AA
HP Pavilion a6320tw home PC (Asia Pacific) GZ668AA
HP Pavilion a6330tw home PC (Asia Pacific) GZ670AA
HP Pavilion a6340tw home PC (Asia Pacific) GZ672AA
HP Pavilion a6345tw home PC (Asia Pacific) GZ673AA
HP Pavilion a6317c home PC GZ729AA,  GZ729AAR
HP Pavilion a6337c home PC GZ731AA,  GZ731AAR
HP Pavilion a6328hk home PC (Asia Pacific) GZ755AA
HP Pavilion a6338hk home PC (Asia Pacific) GZ756AA
HP Pavilion a6348hk home PC (Asia Pacific) GZ757AA
Compaq Presario SR5313HK home PC (Asia Pacific) GZ760AA
Compaq Presario SR5333HK home PC (Asia Pacific) GZ761AA
HP Pavilion a6333w home PC KC746AA,  KC746AAR
HP Pavilion a6308hk home PC (Asia Pacific) KC779AA
HP Pavilion a6300t CTO home PC KC829AV
HP Pavilion a6412p Desktop PC KJ297AA
HP Pavilion a6418f Desktop PC KJ300AA,  KJ300AAR
HP Pavilion a6432f Desktop PC KJ302AA
HP Pavilion a6442p Desktop PC KJ304AA
Compaq Presario SR5402FH Desktop PC KJ310AA
HP Pavilion a6403hk home PC (Asia Pacific) KJ359AA
HP Pavilion a6428hk home PC (Asia Pacific) KJ360AA
HP Pavilion a6448hk Desktop PC KJ361AA
Compaq Presario SR5433HK Desktop PC KJ368AA
Compaq Presario SR5453HK Desktop PC KJ369AA
HP Pavilion a6400f home PC KJ379AA,  KJ379AAR
Compaq Presario SR5450F home PC KJ383AA,  KJ383AAR
Compaq Presario SR5410F home PC KJ384AA,  KJ384AAR
HP Pavilion a6433w Desktop PC KJ385AA,  KJ385AAR
HP Pavilion a6403w Desktop PC KJ387AA,  KJ387AAR
Compaq Presario SR5433WM Desktop PC KJ389AA,  KJ389AAR
Compaq Presario SR5413WM Desktop PC KJ393AA,  KJ393AAR
HP Pavilion a6437c Desktop PC KJ400AA
HP Pavilion a6417c Desktop PC KJ402AA
HP Pavilion a6410t CTO Desktop PC KL624AV
HP Pavilion a6420tw Desktop PC KN320AA
HP Pavilion a6438hk Desktop PC (Asia Pacific) KQ266AA
Compaq Presario SG3310BR Desktop PC (Latin America KQ381AA
Compaq Presario SG3315BR Desktop PC (Latin America KQ382AA
Compaq Presario SG3317BR Desktop PC (Latin America KQ383AA
HP Pavilion a6408hk Desktop PC (Asia Pacific) KQ426AA
Compaq Presario SR5404F Desktop PC KQ458AA
Compaq Presario SR5421F Desktop PC KQ461AA
Compaq Presario SR5448F Desktop PC KQ515AA,  KQ515AAR
HP Pavilion a1410e home PC RB043AV
Compaq Presario SR1901WM home PC RB063AA,  RB063AAR
Compaq Presario SR2002X home PC RC684AA,  RC684AAR
Compaq Presario SR2010NX home PC RE467AA,  RE467AAR
Compaq Presario SR2013WM home PC RE468AA,  RE468AAR,  RE468AS,  RE468ASR
Compaq Presario SR2017CL home PC RE471AA,  RE471AAR
Compaq Presario SR2020NX home PC RE473AA,  RE473AAR
Compaq Presario SR2034NX home PC RF882AA,  RF882AAR
Compaq Presario SR2030NX home PC RJ036AA,  RJ036AAR
Compaq Presario SR2014HM home PC RJ100AA,  RJ100AAR
Compaq Presario SR2032X home PC RK513AA,  RK513AAR
Compaq Presario SR2173WM home PC RK539AA,  RK539AAR
Compaq Presario SR2027X home PC RK554AA,  RK554AAR
Compaq Presario Media Center SR2037X Desktop PC RK556AA,  RK556AAR
HP Pavilion a1740n home PC RK575AA,  RK575AAR
HP Pavilion a1777c home PC RN657AA,  RN657AAR
HP Pavilion a1520e (CTO) home PC RP824AV
HP Pavilion a1742n home PC RQ404AA,  RQ404AAR
HP Pavilion a1709n home PC RQ406AA,  RQ406AAR
Compaq Presario SR2168HM home PC RQ416AA,  RQ416AAR
Compaq Presario SR5035KR home PC (Asia Pacific) RQ474AA
Compaq Presario SR2150NX home PC RR790AA,  RR790AAR
HP Pavilion a1720n home PC RT641AA,  RT641AAR
HP Pavilion a1767c home PC RT678AA,  RT678AAR
HP Pavilion a6010br home PC (Latin America) RX874AA
HP Pavilion a6015br home PC (Latin America) RX875AA
HP Pavilion a6020br home PC (Latin America) RX876AA
HP Pavilion a6040n home PC RX889AA,  RX889AAR
Compaq Presario SR5013WM home PC (Asia Pacific) RX894AA,  RX894AAR
Compaq Presario SR5023WM home PC (Asia Pacific) RX895AA,  RX895AAR
Compaq Presario SR5030NX home PC RX896AA,  RX896AAR
HP Pavilion a6010n home PC RX900AA,  RX900AAR
HP Pavilion a6019h home PC RY871AA,  RY871AAR
HP Pavilion a6037c home PC RY874AA,  RY874AAR
HP Pavilion a6042n home PC RY875AA,  RY875AAR
HP Pavilion a6044xe home PC RY876AA
HP Pavilion a6045x home PC RY877AA,  RY877AAR
HP Pavilion a6077c home PC RY880AA,  RY880AAR
Compaq Presario SR5002HM home PC RY883AA
Compaq Presario SR2172NX home PC RZ385AA,  RZ385AAR
HP Pavilion a6005la home PC (Latin America) RZ443AA
HP Pavilion a6010la home PC (Latin America)

  • Model: 5188-2622
  • Shipping Weight: 3lbs
  • 10 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: HP

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